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After-sales service and repair of Samsung devices

Where can I get Samsung repair?

You can benefit from a Samsung repair service in a DEADPHONES store or at one of our partner centers. You can also send your Samsung device to our repair center. The technicians working there have all received Samsung product repair training. repairs are carried out with original Samsung spare parts and are guaranteed by DEADPHONES.

How long will it take?

DEADPHONES stores offer same-day repair for certain types of repairs, such as screen repairs. If the part is not available in stock, it will take approximately 48 hours before you can retrieve it.

How much will it cost?

After examining your Samsung device, the technician will confirm the total amount of repair or replacement. In some cases, a repair may be covered by the Samsung warranty.

Screen repair rates

Battery replacement rates

Other repair rates

Screen repair

You can have your cracked Samsung screen replaced at a DEADPHONES store or one of our partner centers.

Our centers use original Samsung spare parts and precision equipment to ensure that your screen is as good as new after repair. Some of them offer same-day repair.

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Battery replacement

You can have your Samsung battery replaced at a DEADPHONES store or at one of our partner centers. Our partner centers use original Samsung spare parts.

Samsung's limited warranty covers batteries with a manufacturing defect, but not batteries worn out by normal use. The cost of replacing a battery will depend on the model of Samsung device and whether the issue is covered by warranty, Samsung, or consumer protection law.

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Other Samsung repairs

Do you need repair for other problems such as the main button, damage caused by a liquid or an accessory?

If the problem with your Samsung device is covered by the Samsung warranty, Samsung contract, or consumer protection law, you won't have to pay anything. This does not include accidental damage, for which you will be charged a fee.

If your Samsung device has been damaged and you have not purchased insurance, your repair costs will be the out of warranty costs. These out-of-warranty rates are available on our DEADPHONES site. Our partner centers can set their own prices.

Not sure if you're covered? Check if you have an insurance contract.

Original spare parts

It is essential to use original Samsung spare parts for quality repair. Visit a DEADPHONES store or one of our partner centers to be sure that your product will work perfectly.

Prepare your Samsung device for repair

Before sending your Samsung device for repair, there are a few steps you should take to protect your data, such as backing up.

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