replacement iPhone SE 2 charging connector
  • replacement iPhone SE 2 charging connector

Repair iPhone SE 2 charging connector

Replacement iPhone SE 2 charging connector

Were fix iPhone SE 2 with express quality parts?

DEADPHONES specialist in the repair of Smartphones, performs the replacement of the charging connector of your iPhone SE 2 in express!

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Change iPhone SE 2 charging connector.

Does your iPhone SE 2 no longer charge? Deadphones has the solution!

Problems charging iPhone SE 2 ?

  • iPhone SE 2 does not charge.
  • iPhone SE 2 only charges in induction.
  • iPhone SE 2 does not charge , or partially.
  • iPhone SE 2 shows no pictures.
  • The iPhone SE 2 display only charges with the original cables.
  • iPhone SE 2 no longer charges after charging it in the car.
  • iPhone SE 2 no longer supports fast charging.
  • iPhone SE 2 only charges one way.
  • iPhone SE 2 does not want to charge anymore.
  • iPhone SE 2 no longer displays an image but emits a vibration or a light indicator, or is recognized by a computer.

Is it causing trouble?

Use of wrong cables.
Motherboard problem.

2 solutions! Repair the screen in Store or by mail order.

Repair in BOUTIQUE.

Whether you are from Paris de l'Essonne or any department, perform the repair of the iphone SE 2 charging connector directly in one of our shop. The Repair of your charging connector, is usually performed on the same day. For certain types of repairs (microsoudure, motherboard problem, ignition problem...) the delays vary depending on the availability of the part in stock.

The conditions for the repair of the iPhone SE 2 charging connector are as follows:

Your iPhone SE 2 must be in a working state.

The iphone SE 2 chassis must not be twisted, pushed or folded.

When you support your iphone SE 2, our technicians will carry out several tests (cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphones, face id ....) before to ensure the proper functioning of these, because following the fall, The shock wave spreads all over the phone and several problems can occur. In the event that a component (cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphones, face id...) is defective, our technicians will inform you before performing the repair. If ever the state of the phone (black screen, impossible to turn on the phone, task on the screen ...) would allow us to perform a test before the repair these tests will be performed after repair.

Your DEADPHONES Phone Repairer will replace the SE 2 Charging Connector with an original* guaranteed connector to guarantee you optimal quality.

*All our original quality guarantee parts, reconditioned or AAA+

Warranty only covers replacement part

The majority of our repairs are performed on site in less than 20 minutes depending on the parts availability.

Type of repair iPhone SE 2 Charging Connector
Repair time 1h - 2h *
Guarantee 6 months**
Smartphone iPhone SE 2

*Deadlines may vary depending on Repair

**The warranty only covers the replaced part

Repair by correspondence:

Living away from our repair shops? No worries, whether you are from Lille, Marseille, Lyon or any department, perform the repair of the charging connector your iphone SE 2 by mail by sending us your phone. The repair is usually done on the same day. For certain types of repairs (micro welding, motherboard problem, ignition problem, etc.), the lead times vary depending on the availability of the part in stock.

To send your phone follow the steps below:

Download and complete the PDF information sheet located in the attached documents at the top of the page or click here.
Pay for your repair.
Send us your iPhone SE 2 with the completed PDF file.
Repair is performed in 24h*.
Receive your material according to the mode of delivery chosen.
For more information call us at or

Your package is to be sent:


We advise you to send your package with optional insurance.

For more information contact us at or

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